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Utilize Vizzi as a long term solution with  our comprehensive virtual event management system.

Event Lobby

Webinars & Live Sessions

Breakout & Demo Rooms

Exhibit Space Virtual Booths

Networking & Chat


Virtual Event Lobby

When you attendees login, they are greeted with an immersive experience that is easy to navigate and offers a physical dynamic to represent a real world event.

Our event platform requires no downloads and works with most web browsers and mobile devices. Users are able to have an interactive experience without the trouble of software downloads.

Sponsor placement opportunities

Custom brand design

Interactive Live Sessions

Virtual Event Sessions are specific speaker sessions that can be hosted virtually in real-time or can be accessed on-demand elevating the attendee experience.

Powerful agenda and multi track sessions tools

Host concurrent live sessions

Present on-demand sessions followed by live Q&A and polls

Integrate with Zoom, WebEx & many more

Breakout Rooms

Provide your premium exhibitors access to Demo rooms in order to provide leads with engaging virtual demos.

Group video meetings for breakout sessions

Create watch party break-out rooms

Moderator control can also be given to hosts or moderators

Sponsor placement

Virtual Booths

Virtual booths provide sponsors and exhibitors with an online space to market their product or service.

Attendees can meet and chat in real-time with exhibitors

Searchable directory

The Virtual Creative Studios wizard makes it easy to upload deliverables

Networking & Chat

Te networking lounge offers and opportunity for attendees to connect and engage with one another.

Brand your networking lounge for sponsors and exhibitors

Allow attendees to have-on-one live chats

Network by topic

Video, text, and group chat


Generate excitement and gamify the entire experience with Virtual Creative Studios. Incorporate gamification to create a fun & memorable experience.

Reward attendee activities and actions

Create photo, video, and selfie contests to encourage attendee participation

Activate leaderboard for virtual communities

Assign points to different activities

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