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About Virtual Creative Studios

Virtual Creative Studios is a virtual events platform created by a team of event professionals. Our team has taken years of live event production expertise and applied it to the digital world of virtual events to create immersive experiences.

Host events of any type to any size audience

Online event registration & ticket sales

Audience participation and engagement tools

Real-time analytics and custom reports

Why Choose Virtual Creative Studio:


All-in-one event management system with unlimited possibilities to create an all encompassing experience

Realtime Engagement

Live Q&A, polls, video and text chat, feedback surveying, web games, and more


Customized event website, registration, branded web rooms, and customizable email templates


Real-time metrics, multi-dimensional view of your attendees, ROI, and custom reports

API Integration

Integrate with your favorite softwares to seamlessly connect and transfer data


Sell tickets, generate revenue, and offer in app storefronts

Create a one-of-a-kind experience by

mixing and matching virtual event modules.

  • Lobby
  • Auditorium
  • Exhibit Hall
  • Poster Hall
  • Networking Lounge
Exhibit Hall
Poster Hall
Networking Lounge

Ways to use Virtual Creative Studios:

Create events with unlimited possibilities, and craft your event schedule for a uniquely great experience every time.

Virtual Events

An online experience for a global audience

Hybrid Events

The best of online and in-person event planning

Live Events

An in-person experience for any size audience

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“This is an exceptional platform, One of the best we've seen!”

“There are so many differences in this platform that it takes it up to the next level, it’s exciting and immersive!”

“Great experience and positive feedback from all of our attendees!”

“The innovation of this platform is very progressive”

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