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-Branded Landing Pages

-Email / Invitations


-Immersive Experience with Virtual Spaces

-Dynamic Expo Booths

-Live Broadcasting & Pre-recorded Sessions

-Real-Time Metrics



-Custom Reporting

-Generated Emails

-Recorded Materials

From single broadcasts to global, multi-day conferences, 

Virtual Creative Studios does it all!

Customization & Branding

Branded event website, customizable registration capabilities, branded web rooms, and customizable email templates

Event Management Features

Build rich audience profiles, control content access to sessions, and moderate your entire event with just a few clicks

Real-time Engagement & Communication Features

Interactive chat, video & meeting sessions, Q/A, live polling, feedback surveying, social integrations, web games, photo booths, and more!

Live Broadcasting & Pre-Recorded Content Capabilities

Broadcast keynote sessions and multi-speaker sessions live, along with pre-recorded sessions and content

Monetization Features

Display advertisements throughout the virtual event


Real-time metrics dashboard, multi-dimensional view of your attendees (interests, touchpoints, and interactivity), ROI, and custom reports

Live Troubleshooting & Customer Support

Live 24/7 customer support, platform teaching sessions, and informative guides for presenters, exhibitors, and attendees

API Integration

Integrate with your favorite softwares to seamlessly connect and transfer data

E-commerce Automation

Sell tickets, generate revenue, and offer in app storefronts

Request a Demo!

Request a Demo!

Your Virtual Events Just Stepped Into the Spotlight!

We believe successful events are born from strong planning, superior technology and impeccable service.


-Virtual Conference

-Virtual Benefits Fair

-Virtual Product Launch

-Virtual Onboarding Fair

-Virtual Career Fair


-Virtual Job Fair

-Virtual Trade Show

-Virtual Education Fair


-Virtual Graduations

-Virtual Housing Fair

-Student/Alumni Job Fair

-Virtual Open Day

Features catered to your event goals!

Hosting a virtual conference, meeting, and event should be as easy as possible for event organizers, which is why we offer integrated event management features!

Moving your event online actually amplifies the value of sponsoring it!

See how we can take your event to the next level!

Request a Demo!

Request a Demo!

Virtual Creative Studios

Virtual Events Powered by Real Event Experts!