Excite Prospects Around the World with a Virtual Exhibition Fair!

Use the flexibility and reach of the online space to host a Digital Exhibition Fair that enables exhibitors to fully showcase their products with rich content formats and allows attendees to access and explore these offerings in the comfort of their homes!

Empower exhibitors at your Virtual Exhibition Fair to promote their products with custom virtual booths.

Each exhibitor has something unique to offer which makes exhibition fairs so engaging. Use our highly configurable booths to enable exhibitors to customize their space and showcase their unique products in a visually impactful way.

Engage prospects with an Online Exhibition Fair that is easy to navigate.

With exhibitor booths placed all across the virtual exhibition landscape, allow visitors to easily explore through their options and ensure a near-physical exhibition experience for them with high-resolution exhibitor avatars and 3D designed booths in an easy-to-navigate environment.

Amplify engagement at the Online Exhibition Fair with Webinars and Chat Tools.

Encourage two-way communication between attendees and exhibitors at the Exhibition Fair with chat facilities and webinars that bring in engaging interactive experiences. Hosts and exhibitors can further leverage the live chat and video streaming features to deliver customized product information to prospective leads.

Enable potential buyers to learn about products & services through downloadable content like:

Video vault carrying a host of product videos


Discount coupons

Product photos

Streamline the buying experience at your Virtual Exhibition Fair by allowing visitors to save items in a cart.

Don’t lose a single a buyer at your exhibition by offering a ‘wish cart’ to visitors. Enable visitors to store products of choice for future purchase, if they are not willing to buy them during the live event. Allow customers to purchase products online through integrated e-commerce flows.

Allow customers to purchase products online through integrated e-commerce flows.

Provide online payment options for product purchases at your event with our user-friendly interface that makes shopping at your online event extremely easy.

Measure the ROI of your online exhibition fair with detailed reports.

Measure the success of your virtual exhibition fair with real-time reporting throughout your live event and once the event has ended with important data like:

Number of visitors

Number of chat room interactions

Number of transactions performed


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